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By KristySamone — July 13, 2012


You can have amazing lashes, the perfect pout, and rosy cheeks, but honey – if those eyebrows aren’t polished – then it’s all for naught. The right eyebrow shape can make…or break (lol) a face. Celebrity eyebrow master Julie Tussey knows this better than anyone. With celebrity fashionista clientele ranging from Eva Longoria to Kim Cattrall to Serena Williams to Lauren Conrad, this guru knows what she’s talking about. I had the honor of interviewing the eyebrow stylist extraordinaire:

KS: What’s the secret to amazing brows?

JT: The secret really is to pay attention to them. You give your face and lips the attention they deserve, why not your brows? This means not forgetting to run your face cream through them, and using a clear brow gel as part of your daily make up routine to keep them hydrated. Sometimes you might need a little help to boost volume with products such as “Revita Brow” to help your brows looking their best.

KS: Is it more important to find the correct eyebrow shape for your face and stick with it, OR is it better to keep up with eyebrow trends?

JT: My suggestion is to find your correct eyebrow shape suitable for your face and sticking to it. Young girls make this mistake of overtweezing, which gives them a hard time to let go or branch out because they get stuck to that pattern. I believe there are 6 basic brow styles corresponding to each type of face shape. The aesthetic is pretty much similar: creating a medium size angled brow, starting at the nose and ending at the top of the temple, graduating from thick to thin with the highest point in-line with the apples of the cheek. This approach is much better shape for your eyebrows to help open up your face, instead of following unpredictable eyebrow trends.

KS: Out of your celebrity clients, who should go down as the best eyebrow shapes “to copy?”

JT: Katie Lee’s thick low angled brows are always a vision, while Ivanka Trump’s brows are the perfect example of how to pull an arch out of a basically flat brow.

You can find the awesome Julie Tussey at Manhattan’s Angelo David Salon.



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