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Our White Clouds and Blue Skies With Fat Lil’ Baby Angels Baby Shower

By KristySamone — May 09, 2015

Happy Saturday Loves!
It’s been a fantastic birthday week! I’m appreciative of all the love received! I feel blessed to have another year of life and most especially to have a little life growing inside me. In fact, one week ago today, Ralph and I celebrated at our baby shower. Along with the help of Mom, my sisters and friend Tina we organized a cloud theme party. I say “party,” because it was more mingling and music than a typical shower. It was a hug-filled reunion with our beloved family and friends! It was sweet day for Pretty Parties and Fancy Favors!

Baby Jack’s crib area is all about blue skies and clouds with super white furnishing; so that was the inspiration for Saturday’s event. Also, since he’ll be our little angel, cherubs were a big part of the look, as well. Here’s a look at how it all came together:

THE LOCATION: The shower was held in this super cute historic blue rowhouse owned by the organization M.O.M.I.E.S TLC (ironic, name isn’t it?), which tutors at risk kids in Washington, DC. It was the perfect venue with downstairs for our shower and an upstairs play area for anyone who brought their children.

WHAT WAS CUTE: We ordered a personalized notebook with our photo from the amazing stationary company Tiny Prints, so that guests could write their baby advice. It has also helped us organize our thank you card list, as we have begun using the notebook to write who gave us what. We also ordered a personalized baby scramble game with the title “Baby Talk.” I loved how the game matched the entire theme and we were able to ask our own special questions like: (1) Name Baby Jack’s 4 legged big brother (2) Where was our honeymoon?
For prizes we gave white and gold friendship bracelets from Juicy Couture. Congrats to the three winners: Carlita, Erin and Erika!

THE DESSERTS: Buttercream Bakeshop made an amazing blue watercolor cake with white fondant clouds! It tasted as good as it looked – the flavor was chai tea with vanilla and cinnamon buttercream. Sweet Naomi Cookies made custom cloud and cherub sugar cookies, which were indeed works of art! Mini vanilla cupcakes were loving baked by Grassroots Gourmet. The assorted cookies in a jar were from our favorite stop – Trader Joes. The lemon tart bore white flowers, which were actually made from stone. A little something I picked up for that bridal shoot two weeks ago from BHLDN.

THE FOOD: We delighted in quiches from Dangerously Delicious Pies in the flavors of: crab & cheddar, Gruyere & bacon, and spinach & goat cheese . At any of my “tea-like” events I must have scones. My go to is Bakeshop DC, which provided us with  blueberry almond and strawberry lemon scones with sausage cheddar biscuits. We also used their yummy housemade granola to top organic yogurt with fresh berries. The White cheddar and kettle corn by Popcorn Indiana was a hit – especially with the kids. My dear friend Tina, whose an outstanding cook, made chicken salad on mini croissants paired with macaroni salad.

THE DRINKS: Perhaps, the biggest hit of the entire shower (besides the coming of baby Jack) were the mango cocktail smoothies (I will share this recipe in an upcoming post), along with lavender sweet tea and lemonade. Everything, of course, was served in tea and punch cups. They were a perfect refreshment for the 80 degree afternoon!

DECOR: Topper and Twine made us custom cloud toppers that said “Jack” in gold glitter! The darling wooden forks were personalized with saying such as: “On Cloud 9” and “Baby Jack” by Mod Party. The whimsical cocktails napkins were from party supplier Meri Meri and the table cloths were from CV Linens (I just adore the crushed white table dressing).

FUN: We hired a caricaturist from Sketchfaces DC to draw our guests! What’s more fun than having a cartoon rendition made of yourself?

FAVORS:  Our favors were truly a labor of love. Hello Darling Gift Co! out of Raleigh, NC, made us custom sewn cloud shaped tea bags each stuffed with Lavender English Westminster (Assam, Java, and Ceylon black teas, lavender flowers). The tea tags were handstamped with “Love, K and R.” Also, we threw in cloud shaped earrings as favors for good measure. We ordered gift tag stickers from the awesome stationary site Tiny Prints with a baby onsie and Jack’s due date of June 13th.

FLOWERS: I LOVE spring! The tables had blue & white hydrangeas and pure white tulips

DIAPER CAKE: A special shout goes to darling Stacey who made us a diaper cake for our favor table. It was a wonderful gift and centerpiece all in one!

MENU SIGNANGE: We commissioned my talented cousin Kameron Jones to design food signs with fat baby angels and lots of clouds. His work went perfectly with the caricaturist. After the shower he toured an art school here in DC. This kid has a beautiful future!

INVITATION: Our pale blue sky with white cloud invites that you see framed in gold came from Minted.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Linda Hosek, BlueEye Productions

This shower was tons of fun to plan! Again – a big thanks to my wonderful family and friends who helped us pull it all together. We are grateful for all of the shared excitement for Baby Jack’s arrival. I’ve got one more month to go! Stay tuned friends….

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 38
Cloud Theme Baby Shower 30

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 4

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 5

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 6

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 7

Cloud Tea

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 42

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 9

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 10

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 12

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 13

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 15

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 16

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 17

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 18

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 19

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 21

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 22

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 1

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 40

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 44
Cloud Theme Baby Shower 43
Cloud Theme Baby Shower 3
Cloud Theme Baby Shower 11

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 23

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 24

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 25

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 2

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 26

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 27

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 28

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 29

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 31

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 32

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 33

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 34

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 36
Cloud Theme Baby Shower Mel
Cloud Theme Baby Shower Erika

Cloud Theme Baby Shower Deb

Cloud Theme Baby Shower Blair
Cloud Theme Baby Shower 37
Cloud Theme Baby Shower with Tina and Mikaella

Cloud Theme Baby Shower 39

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