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My Sister Visits Iceland…and it’s Fashion!

By KristySamone — October 03, 2014

Happy Friday Fashion Femme and Gents! I’m always excited for Friday, but today I have an extra dose of enthusiasm due to my GUEST BLOGGER – Jehan Jones-Radgowski! Yup – that’s my very cool sister. Jehan’s a wife, mother of two, diplomat (like, for real), young adult fantasy writer, fitness competition winner and REALLY NICE PERSON (which, I think may be the most important out of a list of important things). She’s always traveling somewhere super dope and thoughtful enough to bring the fam back interesting international fashion. In the coming days, my hubby and I will be heading to Paris in celebration of  our 1 year anniversary/honeymoon we never took:) We may a brief stop in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Ironically, my sister and her  hubby were just there last month! What a coincidence! In honor of all things Icelandic, Jehan has done me the honor of writing a style post on her visit:   

Jehan visits Iceland - here wearing tights purchased

“When people think of fashionable cities they typically think New York, Milan, and Paris, but what about Reykjavik? Come on, you know where that is. Remember trying to say Eyjafjallajokull in 2010? Or did you watch Jon’s first time with Ygritte in steamy underground geothermal baths? Or perhaps you’re a Ben Stiller fan? ICELAND! I spent a week hiking, walking, tasting, shopping and enjoying life in Iceland. Thanks to the Femme Fatale I have the chance to share with you my experiences in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

Icelandic Fashion 3

After a power breakfast of Skyr, Icelandic yogurt, (think Greek yogurt but smoother and heartier) and home made granola, I walked from my friend’s apartment to the power streets of shopping and tasting. I was specially looking for winter tights or leggings, since I arrived in Iceland I have seen that almost every Icelandic woman wears leggings or tights (usually black) sometimes alone and other times under short skirts or mini jean shorts. I was also hoping to buy a wool sweater since Iceland is known for their handspun wool from their sheep, who are considered some of the oldest and purest in the world.

Icelandic  Fashion 1

FUN FACT: There are close to twice as many sheep as there are people in Iceland.

I poured over wool sweaters finding the largest selection at the Handknitting Association of Iceland’s store. Many of the sweaters were labeled by the women who hand sewed them. There were too many colors to decide on just one, so I left that for another day. My friend, Giselle started to tell me of a famous Icelandic designer who on top of all of her activities hand makes fantastic wool sweaters. Then the fates would have it that we ran into that very designer, Hilda Gunnarsdóttir, the principal designer for Milla Snorrason, at Kiosk. In addition to her modern funky wool sweaters, Hilda dabbles in art, and in Kiosk sells items from her newest line of city wear clothes made in wool or silk inspired by either the harbor with its tall ships and crashing waves or the modern mixed with quaint Reykjavik homes. While Giselle checked out a super cool skirt, I lingered too long over their beaded jewelry, reminding me of my days in West Africa.

Icelandic Vaca

For lunch we stopped at Gio and had a savory butternut soup with a smattering from their salad selection and toasted nutty bread.

Icelandic Foodie

FUN FACT: It can be cloudy, rainy, and clear all in the matter of minutes because the weather rapidly changes in Iceland.

After lunch, we escaped the rain by tucking into an art shop that had several tempting pottery collections on display. I was very interested in tea kettles and goblets in the shape of partridges. Next stop was Eymundsson, a trendy book store that also sold local products, I walked out with lava salt and pine tree syrup for my mom.

Icelandic Shopping

I finally I found leggings at Stella! There was an enormous amount of leggings to choose from, but I went with fleece lined black leggings. I put them on later that day for dinner and my legs felt warmer than the rest of my body! I easily picked out a pair of wool earrings, but I never could settle on a wool sweater. I had to leave something for my next Icelandic vacation.” – Jehan J-R.

Icelandic Sweaters

 OK, by show of hands, who all wants to visit Iceland! Mine are way up! I wish you all a fascinating weekend filled with the love and warmth of friends (or amazing sweaters -lol). Stay tuned to my posts from France in the coming days! – Kristy Samone


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(2) Readers Comments

  1. Dina
    Reply →
    October 3, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Wow, that's fascinating! yeah, would've never thought of "fashionable" and Iceland in the same sentence, but that's what's so great about traveling and exploring the world ;) Thanks for sharing!

    • KristySamone
      Reply →
      October 3, 2014 at 12:45 pm

      Hey cutie! Yasss, that is what's so great about traveling!! Thanks for the comment:)

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