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My First Day at PromaxBDA Conference…Get Creative

By KristySamone — June 13, 2012

This week I’m in Los Angeles (LA Live area) for the PromaxBDA conference. I look forward to it every year, because I always return home inspired. “What is it?” you may ask. Well, it’s where marketing, promotion and design executives gather to share ideas, new technologies and gain insight. My favorite part is looking at cool spots (I’m attending what’s called “Promo Bootcamp” lol), the writing workshops and oh yes, the fashion! These creative people can dress their butts off! Here are pics from Tuesday…day one of the conference.

BTW: The conference kicked off with a speech from Jonah Lehrer. The creativity expert and neuroscientist is a contributing editor to Wired magazine. Johnah spoke about how research shows the best inspiration comes when we are relaxed (a trait I need to learn badly). So there! Sometimes you gotta leave your desk and take a walk. Smell the flowers. Take a long bath. On the flip side, he said the one trait successful creative people (like Picaso or Steve Jobs) share is GRIT. That’s it…once you get inspired, you have to be tenacious and hardworking to achieve the goal. Makes sense to me! However, the main reason I am here, as a promo/trailer producer, is to learn better ways to get folks to watch t.v. shows. Ha! In fact, I was fascinated by the evolution of tv viewership.

BTW2: The first night we celebrated at the Griffith Observatory, which provided an a-mazing view of LA and outerspace! Ha! The party was divine. Lots of friendly “creatives,” catering and cocktails by Wolfgang Puck and plenty of star-gazing.

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