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By KristySamone — April 29, 2016

Happy Friday Loves!

I must admit, I’ve been really enjoying the month of April. Wednesday was my father’s birthday, last Saturday I was the event planner for a super fun pop art wedding for a beautiful couple (watch out for the upcoming post), and some days ago I partnered with Macy’s for their art-inspired spring beauty event in DC!

Speaking of the latter, I had a blast with my sister Jehan by my side in our floral skater dresses. Repping Pretty Parties and Fancy Favors, we set up a whimsical tablescape of mixed vintage china, fresh flowers of the season, floral napkins, Talking Tables flags and other cutesy knick knacks. I was grateful for the giddy line of Macy’s customers waiting to drink a spot of tea or bite into a tasty bit. In fact, the Macy’s photographer made my day after sharing that our table caused a special excitement (he’s been to plenty events).

Pretty Parties and Fancy Favors Sisters

I pride myself on being a curator of the best goodies and sips. I was able to work with two outstanding neighborhood bakeries for the Macy’s event. I chose (naturally gluten-free) salted caramel brownie gems, candied coconut macaroons and classic flavored mini cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla) with vanilla bean frosting sprinkled with gold made by the dessert visionaries at Buzz Bakeshop. Buzz is now under creative direction of famed pastry genius(and ballerina!)Maggie Austin.

The scones in delectable flavors such as blueberry lemon, apricot rosemary and buttery English were by Bakehouse DC (whose owner is from Britain so you KNOW they were yummy). Although I love to creating refreshing recipes for floral drinks I served the next best thing: elderflower and rose lemonade by Belvoir Farms. Oh…and of course there was hot tea by Harney and Sons in flavors Cherry Blossom (the clear favorite), English Breakfast, Black Currant and Vanilla Comoro.

And if that wasn’t “wow” enough I commissioned HelloDarlingGiftCo to make adorable handmade sugar (for the teas) in chamomile, lavender and hibiscus (the first to go). Hello Darling also made custom handmade lavender tea bags, which I passed out as my “fancy favor” of the evening.

Shout out to all of the vendors there! Modernly Beautiful Makeup, ArtJamz, and Neuro Drinks made it an enjoyable night for all the participants. There were complimentary nail bars, full face makeovers, wine glass painting, a Macy’s fashion show and so much more.

It was my type of party!

Buzz bakeshop

Bakehouse DC scones

IMG_0055 - Copy

IMG_0065 - Copy

IMG_0069 - Copy

IMG_0125 - Copy

IMG_0207 - Copy

IMG_0241 - Copy

IMG_0277 - Copy

IMG_0282 - Copy

IMG_0349 - Copy

IMG_0381 - Copy

IMG_0393 - Copy

IMG_0430 - Copy

IMG_0439 - Copy

IMG_0454 - Copy

IMG_0477 - Copy

IMG_0487 - Copy

IMG_0510 - Copy

IMG_0515 - Copy

IMG_0523 - Copy

IMG_0525 - Copy

IMG_0526 - Copy

IMG_0535 - Copy

IMG_0576 - Copy

IMG_0587 - Copy

IMG_0643 - Copy

IMG_0685 - Copy

IMG_0714 - Copy

PPandFF Custom tea favor by Hello Darling

Fancy sugar

cupcakes and tea cups

Custom Lavender tea for PPandFF by Hello Darling



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  1. April 29, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    Lovely Event Kudos PPFF :)

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