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J. Von Stratton Designs – Offbeat Chic

By KristySamone — October 04, 2012
Volume 10 of my “How To Dress For a Fashion Show” series featured the super cute Stella who I ran into outside of the Lincoln Center during Sep’s NYFW. Stella proudly shared that her great friend, J. Von Stratton, made her unique skirt. Now, I had to find this J. Von Stratton, because the skirt was quite OUTSTANDING.  Below is my interview with Jamie of J. Von Stratton Designs (JVS), who is in the midst of prepping for her fashion presentation next Thursday benefitting (an organization aiming to improve the lives of low-income women). The Seattle-based JVS, who Perez Hilton called “…was all that and more,” specializes in custom costume, bridal, event wear, women’s cabaret and burlesque styles. Everything is handmade with equal doses of love and sassiness!  Check her site out:
KS:  It’s’s so fun you design for burlesque – what has been your favorite garment and why?
JS: I wouldn’t say I have ONE particular favorite, but an entire show!  In 2010, the burlesque troupe I dance with (The Atomic Bombshells) produced a show titled Lost In Space: A Burlesque Odyssey.  It was so fun to make all of the sci-fi costumes.  It was right around the time when designers were all theming collections around sci-fi and futurism, so it was ‘in the air’ so to speak.  I’ve been a huge fan of McQueen, and Chalayan, and Manish Arora, all of whom do wild avant garde design, so it was great to finally do a show costume theme based on my mental file cabinet of design.  I’d been waiting 10 years for an opportunity like that!
KS: How cool was it to work on Lady Gaga’s tour? 
JS: People love to ask me this!  Well, admittedly I did not know who she was at the time.  It was right after “Just Dance” and “Paparazzi,” so her fame was growing, but she was not the household name she is now.  I just worked as wardrobe assistant for the Seattle leg of her tour.  Her main wardrobe gal had just come off Rhianna’s tour, and needed help organizing.  So, not the glamourous job one would imagine.  12 hours of polishing headpieces, and resewing on plastic bubbles to a dress. She seemed like a nice gal, though.
KS: What’s the inspiration behind the collection you’re showing on Oct 11th?
JS: I’m showing 5 sets of looks, spaced in between performers.  Each set is 5 looks, and the themes range from Bob Mackie/Barbie/Floral inspired, to a trip to the Swiss Alps in the 60’s.  It all very fun, and wearable.  Some things in the more costume land, but that’s what my audience expects from me.  Big, crazy, fun, whimsical!  I won’t be showing wearable sportswear anytime soon.
KS: What are you most looking forward to in 2013? What does the future hold for J. Von Stratton Designs?
JS: Hopefully I’ll be designing the looks for Seattle Dances again.  A big event where Seattle celeb’s compete in a Dancing with The Stars theme show.  So many sparkles and fringe!  I’m also working with a client to make some garments for her Paris Fashion Week trip.  That’s exciting!
KS: How would you describe your style aesthetic for wedding gowns?
JS: Tea Length!  Most of my brides love the esthetic of vintage style gown at a tea-length.  Which is A-Ok by me, because I love that look!  A JVS bride is not a typical gal, she wants something you can’t buy in the stores, that’s a little ‘off beat’ as you may call it.  I even convinced a bride to make her dress in white sequin (she was having a disco wedding)  it was FABULOUS!

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