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BOW TIE GIVEWAY CONTEST: Profile #7 The Modern Man

By KristySamone — August 21, 2013

Hello again Gents (and those who love to dress them)! I’ve been loving these interviews with the dapper bow-tied!!  YOU can WIN BOW TIES from each of Countess Mara’s NEW collections: seasonal brights, conversationals and patterns, reversibles and plaid – which is the trademark of the brand). This would be a totally new wardrobe for you! Every Wednesday I’m posting features on dapper guys wearing bow ties by Countess Mara!! Two lucky winners will win! Just LIKE Countess Mara’s FB page and Kristy Samone’s FB page!  Be sure to leave a comment. So easy to enter: “LIKE” Countess Mara and “LIKE” Kristy Samone!

The winners will be announced on “National Bow Tie Day” – next Wednesday, August (28th)!

Meet Tajji Sharp. Phoenix entrepreneur. Photographer. Model. World Traveler. Music fan.
Tajji Sharp models bow tie by Countess Mara


KS: Describe your personal style…

TS: My personal style is a combination of dapper meets street.

KS: Countess Mara’s motto is “Be A Gentleman” – what exactly does that mean to you?

TS: A gentlemen holds himself to a higher standard than most. He exhibits characteristics that not only women, but everyone admires. A gentleman is charming, honest, stylish, and most importantly courteous.

KS: What’s something every man should have in his wardrobe?

TS: A respectable timepiece that commands attention, but doesn’t scream for it.

KS: What’s your wardrobe’s prize possession?

TS: Ahhh, this is a hard one. I have to go with the leather totes I recently purchased during my trip to Cairo, Egypt. The quality is impeccable.

KS: What’s something every man should know how to do?

TS: Change a tire.

I think Tajji definitely knows what time it is
KS: Why is the bow tie such a timeless accessory?
TS: It’s classic, and speaks volumes. It separates the men from the boys.
KS: What do you like about the style of the bow tie you’re wearing?
TS: I’m a fan of color. A lot of men stray from color, or are scared of it. I embrace it. It’s a classic plaid, orange with a pop of blue and yellow accents.
Countess Mara Bright bow tie collection

KS: What was the inspiration for becoming a model?

TS: Thanks to my mom, I’ve always had an affinity for fashion. It seemed like a natural progression. I’m grateful for supportive family and friends who encouraged me to pursue my aspirations.

KS: Most exciting shoot?

TS: Participating as a model in 2012′s ICON Motorsports catalog shoot.


KS: What was your inspiration for becoming a photographer?

TS: I once read, ‘a model with experience behind the camera tends to be more effective in front of it.’ That statement really resonated with me, so I ran with it.

KS: What do you love most about photography?

TS: Photography is art. I love to create. I like that I can capture people in their natural element, architecture, moments with no notice, yet I also like to execute well-planned shoots, as well. They’re all different “highs.”

KS: Favorite location to shoot?

TS: Paris. The architecture there is incredible.

Cuzzos in Vegas baby 2012
KS: Favorite way to relax?

TS: Coffee shop and a good book. I don’t need much.

KS: What can we expect in the near future?
TS: I currently have a book in the works that I’m really excited about. I’ve also been invited to participate in a themed art/photography exhibit March 2014.
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