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By KristySamone — August 14, 2013

Well, hellloo AGAIN Gents (and those who love to dress them), I hope your Hump Day is progressingly wonderfully! I’m sooo excited about this bow tie contest!!  YOU can WIN BOW TIES from each of Countess Mara’s NEW collections: seasonal brights, conversationals and patterns, reversibles and plaid – which is the trademark of the brand). A entire new “neck” wardrobe!! Every Wednesday I’m posting features on dapper guys wearing bow ties by Countess Mara!! Two lucky winners will win! Just LIKE Countess Mara’s FB page and Kristy Samone’s FB page! Be sure to leave a comment. Please, let us know what you think about the bow ties! So easy to enter…LIKE Countess Mara and LIKE Kristy Samone!

The winners will be announced on “National Bow Tie Day” – Wednesday, August (28th)!

Meet Jason Fallon. Artist. Filmmaker. Outstanding rooftop party host. LA resident who hails from New Hampshire.

Jason Fallon is on top of the world literally


KS: Describe your personal style…

JF: I’m usually a jeans and collared shirt kind of guy keeping it business casual and comfortable. But when I go for a night out I don’t mind throwing on a nice blazer, stylish tie, some cufflinks, and the occasional hat to top it off.

KS: Countess Mara’s motto is “Be A Gentleman” – what exactly does that mean to you?

JF: Being a gentleman is a man’s duty at all times. Whether it’s offering a helping hand to someone to get through a door or going out of your way to be available when needed. To make a lady feel good and compliment her for no reason but that. Treat how you want to be treated. Being a gentleman is a lifestyle – stay true.

KS: What’s something every man should have in his wardrobe? A bow tie of course!

JF: What’s something every man should know how to do? Make one meal that will knock her socks off.

Countess Mara Reversible Collection


KS: Why is the bow tie such a timeless accessory?

JF: The bow tie dates back to the 17th century and has a sophistication that you can’t achieve with the common neck tie. It features the person’s face better, has a clean cut yet stylish look, and until recently has been less likely to see. Typically you see bow ties in more formal settings, so it is a “special occasion” piece. Weather the special occasion is a movie screening, wedding, going out with friends, or you just feel like looking good, the bow tie will never get old.

KS: What do you like about the style of the bow tie you’re wearing?

JF: The fabric has a great feel to it and the size is perfect. It’s not too loud by taking up my whole neck area, but is big enough to show off the stylish gold and plaid pattern. For someone who isn’t known for their attire – look out now. Note: Jason is wearing a bow tie from Countess Mara’s “Reversible” collection (as shown pictured here – a different look on each side).


KS: What was the inspiration for becoming a filmmaker?

JF: As a child I loved watching commercials that made me laugh and said “I’m going to make a Super Bowl commercial one day.” I always came up with ideas for commercials or had a creative way to make a commercial I thought fell flat better. Around 16 years old I got an acting bug and started taking some classes and had met an agent at an event. After getting a principle roll and having a great time I knew this business was for me and I ended up closing my college career early, worked two jobs, and moved to Los Angeles to see what the acting world could offer. For a long time it was NOTHING! But being a writer and a business owner about three years ago I started producing my own content. Since then I’ve completed over a dozen projects including sketch comedy, commercials, and short films. I’m officially creating my own path and inspiration is enhanced with every shoot.

KS: Favorite place to make a movie?

JF: So far Los Angeles. There’s so much great talent to work with and adverse scenery, but let’s see where the wind takes me.

Jason Fallon in Countess Mara bow tie


KS: What do you love most about being an artist?

JF: I love to make film’s as an artist but around the same time I started painting too. Two addictions I love equally – all in all “artist” to me is about laying out who you are on the table, being ok with that, and inspiring your audience at the same time with a relatable message or feeling. Every piece I put out whether with a paint brush or a video camera, all has something that’s part of me in it. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s dramatic, sometimes it’s politically driven. If I can get people to think, discuss, feel emotion, and overall get something positive out of what I’m showing, that’s what I love about being an artist.


JF: I’m currently writing, directing, producing a seasonal short film that is based off of a “Face Contest” I posted on Facebook. I asked actors to send me their best “character” face they could come up with and the winner would get the principle roll in the film, free acting classes, and the submission picture would be used as the movie poster. I’m only casting the movie from the contestants and they will all be the character they submitted. With the variety I received, this is going to be a dynamic off the wall comedy. Without saying too much think about “A Bipolar Christmas”.

KS: How can folks see your fine work – lemmie tell em’

JF: You can see my artwork at You can find me on youtube and vimeo by typing in Jason Fallon. My two short films are on Vimeo and are currently private. Send me a message and I’ll be happy to send you a password to watch.

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