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By KristySamone — August 14, 2013
  • Happy Hump Day Gents (and those who love to dress them)! Woot woot!  YOU can WIN BOW TIES from each of Countess Mara’s NEW collections: seasonal brights, conversationals and patterns, reversibles and plaid – which is the trademark of the brand). A entire new “neck” wardrobe!! Every Wednesday I’m posting features on dapper guys wearing bow ties by Countess Mara!! Check out last week’s Profiles #1 & #2! Two lucky winners will win! Just LIKE Countess Mara’s FB page and Kristy Samone’s FB page! Be sure to leave a comment. Let us know what you think about the bow ties! So easy to enter…LIKE Countess Mara and LIKE Kristy Samone!

    The winners will be announced on “National Bow Tie Day” – Wednesday, August (28th)!

    Meet Quang Nguyen. Entrepreneur. Fellow Hokie. Traveler. Foodie. Sports Car Enthusiast. Man of Fashion.

    Quang Nguyen in Countess Mara


    KS: Describe your personal style.

    QN: Playful with flair: Tasteful and subtle experimentation is key. I’m particularly fond of pastels, and love unique touches including unconventional buttons and asymmetry.

    KS: What’s your wardrobe’s prize possession?

    QN: My favorite possession is my flashy motorcycle jacket from Diesel, featuring a soft black lamb-leather base and topped by a removable layer of brown leather attached via buttons and zippers.

    Favorite jacket of Q by Diesel

    KS: What’s something every man should have in his wardrobe?

    QN: Leather jackets are sexy and essential for every man. And for those who already own a leather jacket but are looking for fun wardrobe addition, I’d recommend a fun colored / patterned blazer accentuated by perfectly matching shoes.

    KS: What’s something that will never go out of style?

    QN: While it’s true that timepieces are no longer needed due to the mobile revolution and that smart watches may become widely adopted, I’ll go ahead and say that the classic mechanical wrist-watch will never go out of style. A classy wrist-watch will always shine and be a fashionable choice to complement a high-style outfit.

    Q wears Countess Mara Conversations and Pattern Bow Tie in Lincoln Park DC


    KS: Tell me a bit about your company – what inspired you to start it?

    QN: I’ve been producing software and games for as long as I can remember, so starting my own software firm just seemed like my destiny. My brother and I founded ARPH Systems (pronounced ARF! and short for Advanced Research and Programming High-Tech Systems), and after working several top-secret government contracts I’d say I’m a few steps closer to my life-goal of world domination. I’ve put forth effort into branding us as fun and creative – our mascot is a robotic dog, the ARPH Dog – and the running joke is that the ARPH Dog has final say in all company matters.

    KS: What do you love most about what you do?

    QN: I most love the creative aspect of software design and development. I’m a creative and analytical problem-solver and enjoy formulating new ways to tackle a design or function.


    KS: Museum – play – opera – What’s your favorite way to show “I’m cultured?”

    QN: Being a pianist and violinist all my life, I’m naturally drawn to playing and listening to a variety of types of music. Downtown Piano Works in Frederick, Maryland showcases world class pianists and musicians on a monthly basis, and best of all it’s free to attend! I’m also actively involved with the modern electronica scene.


    KS: What do you like about the style of the bow tie you’re wearing?

    QN: The classic butterfly shape is a nice complement to my more unconventional style – in this case the pink shirt with square buttons. The maroon color goes well with my skin tone and is a nice median between the pink shirt and my dark brown eyes while falling in a similar color spectrum. The bright pattern of miniature figures rotated in various directions adds a nice texture. Note: Quang is pictured wearing a bow tie from Countess Mara’s “Conversationals & Pattern” collection. I knew he’d do a perfect job of styling this unique bow tie. Look closer – there is a bird print. I love it!

    KS: Why is the bow tie such a timeless accessory?

    QN: The bow tie is associated with many traditions and aspects of our culture. As a classical musician who wears bow ties on stage, I associate bow ties with beautiful and timeless works of music. The bow tie is well-ingrained into our culture, being featured in many classic hollywood films and having been worn by prominent celebrities and political figures over time.

    KS: Countess Mara was the favorite bow tie of Frank Sinatra, what does that mean to you?

    QN: I always strive to look and perform my best in all that I do, so that I can excel in the same way that Frank Sinatra did. The allure of wearing a Countess Mara bow tie is to only accept the best. Frank Sinatra was clearly the elite of his time and industry, just as Countess Mara is the elite of neck-wear designers.

    CREDIT: Special Shout Out to the awesome photographer and Q’s boo the a-mazing Lee Whitman!

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    i am trying to gina a diesel jacket like that one but can't....could u please offer more info on it

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