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BOW TIE GIVEWAY CONTEST: Profile #2 The Filmaker

By KristySamone — August 07, 2013

Well, hellloo Gents (and those who love to dress them),  YOU can WIN BOW TIES from each of Countess Mara’s NEW collections: seasonal brights, conversationals and patternS, reversibles and plaid – which is the trademark of the brand). A entire new “neck” wardrobe!! Every Wednesday I’m posting features on dapper guys wearing bow ties by Countess Mara!! Two lucky winners will win! Just LIKE Countess Mara’s FB page and Kristy Samone’s FB page! Be sure to leave a comment. Let us know what you think about the bow ties! So easy to enter…LIKE Countess Mara and LIKE Kristy Samone!

The winners will be announced on “National Bow Tie Day” – Wednesday, August (28th)!

Meet Lee Whitman. Uncheckable Films. Photographer. Writer. Producer. Director. Man about town. Force to be reckoned with.


KS: Describe your personal style…

LW: Casual/Ironic Chic –  My personal style tends to be all over the place because being a Gemini my mood and sense of self swings wildly from one extreme to another, and this often determines what I wear.  Some days I feel preppy and go with a Georgetown look.  Others I feel like an urban hipster or Don Draper.  It just depends!

KS: Countess Mara’s motto was the favorite bow tie of Frank Sinatra. What does that mean to you?

LW: Sinatra was a class act; he was a man of impeccable taste in whiskey, women, and wardrobe — the fact that he love Countess Mara’s bow ties is just one example of this.  Bow ties are sleek, they’re sexy, and they’re perfect for every occasion; not just the GRAMMYs and the prom.

KS: Favorite city (U.S or abroad) to shop?

LW: Probably Milan.  I picked up an incredibly cute dark blue blazer there.

KS: What’s on your shopping wish list?

LW: The Dark Truffle Leather Brixton camera bag by ONA.  Also, a new tuxedo.


KS: Why is the bow tie such a timeless accessory?

LW: I think many of us associate the bow tie with classic movie stars and films.  In our minds eye it’s a piece of fashion worn by the greats, and that makes it timeless.

KS: You are wearing a bow tie from Countess Mara’s BRIGHTS collection – what do you think about it?

LW:  I love how colorful and playful it is.  The blue hues in it really bring out my eyes and the purple and pink add a splash of vibrancy.  The tie really matches my personality.

Lee Whitman in Couhtess Mara BRIGHT collection bow tie


KS: What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

LW: Telling stories is something I’ve always done (as my parents can attest to), but from an early age there was always something about the world of cinema that captured my imagination.  My parents were very cautious about what I was allowed to watch as a child, so the movies that I was permitted to see I studied over and over.  When I was around age nine, my father bought our family a camcorder, and after observing what it could do, I’d sneak it out of his closet and shoot short films with my friends.  My fate was sealed from thereon out.

KS: What do you love most about what you do?

LW: Flirting with cute actors.  Just kidding!  I really love having a vision of what a film should be and then bringing that vision to life.  There’s something about watching a script become a film that’s just magical to me.


KS: What do you love most about following politics?

LW: I don’t just “follow” politics, I’m involved in it.  One of the most important thing a citizen of any country can do is become involved in their country’s political process.  What I love about process in America, is watching the advancement of equal rights in our country.  It doesn’t always happen as quickly as we would like, but when it does happen, it’s very exciting!

Be sure to check out Lee’s work and watch out for his upcoming projects! Tune in next Wednesday for more dapper dudes!

Kristy Samone and Lee Whitman on a congressional shoot






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  1. Brian
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    August 8, 2013 at 2:40 am

    Great photography as well...

    • KristySamone
      Reply →
      August 8, 2013 at 9:06 am

      Thanks Brian! I will pass on the compliment:)

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