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BOW TIE GIVEWAY CONTEST: Profile #11 Doc In Training and The WINNER!

By KristySamone — August 28, 2013

Well, hellloooo Gents (and those who love to dress them)! I am sooo thrilled to announce the winners of my bow tie collection giveaway contest with Countess Mara! I’m so happy with the big numbers of you who checked out the profiles all month. They are all wonderful guys that I could not wait to share with the world. Equally amazing is Countess Mara. A division of Randa Accessories, the collections are always quality and on the latest trends. I feel so honored that Countess Mara blessed me with this contest partnership. It brings a tear to my eye -seriously. This is a reason to don the Bagdley Mischka gold sequin gown in Vanna style. Here are the two names freshly picked from my Tiffany’s bowl, with my blindfold on and breath held…

THOMAS CUNNINGHAM and PATRICK D. MCCOY!! WOOT WOOT! Happy Hump Day Gents! Please email me your mailing addresses, so that I can ship your Countess Mara silk bow tie collections to you!

And now for the final profile in this series! THE DOC IN TRAINING.

Meet Antwan Jones. This former makeup artist/hairstylist has worked WITH everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Diane von Furstenberg and has worked ON everyone from Kerry Washington, to Aretha Franklin to Tommy Hilfiger. Antwan, who played college basketball for Arkansas, has now returned to his “roots.” He’s in school to become a doctor of physical therapy – of course, to work with athletes. Although his first love may be sports, he also has a passion for fashion. He represents all things Countess Mara – Be A Gentleman.

KS: Describe your personal style…

AJ: My personal style is very clean, classic and timeless.

KS: Countess Mara’s motto is “Be A Gentleman” – what does that mean to you?
AJ: Eat right, respect others and yourself and last but not least wear clothes that compliment you. You never compliment the clothes.

KS: What was the inspiration for becoming a physical therapist?
AJ: I see these athletes now a days and they just don’t get worked hard enough. I plan to revert to the 90’s when people actually earned their money. Also, many elderly do not get the care they need. Most PT’s care only about getting the insurance money.

KS: What do you like about the style of the bow tie you’re wearing?
AJ: The burgundy color (Note: It’s a striking bow tie from the plaid collection).

KS: What have you loved most about your work in the beauty and fashion industry?
AJ: The money!! I miss it dearly!!!

KS: What’s your wardrobe’s prize possession?
AJ: My prized possession is a pair of 13-year-old Joseph Abboud black dress shoes with a weave on the toe.

KS: What’s something every man should have in his wardrobe?
AJ: An expensive suit, watch, belt and shoes. You can spot a cheap suit a mile away.

KS: What’s something every man should know how to do?
AJ: Fix a car, fix things around the house, save money and take care of his children and woman.

KS: Favorite Subject?
AJ: Anatomy and Physiology

Be sure to check out Antwan’s inspiring site! Very talented!

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