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By KristySamone — August 14, 2013

I must say – this has been an a-mazing day of dapper profiles! I’m having a blast with this giveaway contest!! YOU can WIN BOW TIES from each of Countess Mara’s NEW collections: seasonal brights, conversationals and patterns, reversibles and plaid – which is the trademark of the brand). A entire new “neck” wardrobe!! Every Wednesday I’m posting features on dapper guys wearing bow ties by Countess Mara!! Two lucky winners will win! Just LIKE Countess Mara’s FB page and Kristy Samone’s FB page!  Be sure to leave a comment. So easy to enter: “LIKE” Countess Mara and “LIKE” Kristy Samone!

The winners will be announced on “National Bow Tie Day” – Wednesday, August (28th)!

Meet Ralph. Los Angeles talent agent. Director. Writer. Avid sushi fan. Purveyor of knowledge. My fiancé.

Ralph Cooper Jr is on top of the world literally


KS: Describe your personal style…

RC: I like to call my style Business Classy. As a talent agent, I’m always dealing with Producers, Creative Directors, and celebrity clients, who quickly judge me by appearance. So looking my best is essential. Yet, if I wore the same boring suits every week, then I’d get bored, even if they are nice suits. So, to be fully self-expressed, and to get the most of out my outfits, I love adding accessories like vintage tie clips, matching cuff-links, suspenders, designer socks, a nice time-piece and/or a deep, richly colored tie. The suit makes it business, but the accents make it Classy.

KS: What’s your wardrobe’s prize possession?

RC: My Movado watch.

KS: What’s something every man should know how to do?

RC: Love the one they’re with.

KS: Countess Mara’s motto is “Be A Gentleman” – what exactly does that mean to you?

RC: A gentlemen is someone who is so at ease with themselves that they often put someone else’s needs above their own without feeling beneath them.


KS: What do you like about the style of the bow tie you’re wearing?

RC: There are big bright bowties that attract attention, and there are subtle bowties that quietly compliment your outfit without drawing attention. Each type says something about the wearer. What I like about this bowtie is that it is somehow both. It perfectly compliments my attire subtly (check those matching patterns in the shirt and the tie), but is also a rich color enough to make you take notice.
Ralph wears yellow print Countess Mara bow tie
 Note: This is from Countess Mara’s “Conversationals & Patterns” collection.
KS:  What was the inspiration for making movies?
RC: I am at heart a storyteller with a wild vivid imagination. I also think people learn how to respond to everyday struggles based on what they see and movies quite often are what people watch. So I think it’s important for people to see the fruit of making positive choices, my goal as a filmmaker has always been to provide a means for people to see the fruit of making positive choices through media to increase the likelihood that they’ll if face with the same decision they’ll take the higher ground and make the positive choice.
Ralph Cooper wears Countess Mara bow tie
KS:  What do you love most about being an agent?
RC: Passion. It takes passion to risk the actor’s lifestyle. Of all the professions, it has the LEAST guarantee of success. And yet, so many dream of becoming a working actor in Hollywood (and of course, a  big movie star). So for me, since being an actor is already proof of believing and therefore living a dream, I love being in a position to make a person’s dream come true.
KS: Voiceover artist you love working with….
RC: My favorite clients are the ones that say YES. I’m not sure actors understand how difficult it can be to get them auditions and/or jobs. So after, hustling, making phone calls, emails, pleas, begging, eating crow, or sometimes through pure force of will, actually/finally getting them an audition or job they say, “I’m not available” or “Can I get another time?” That can be maddening. But the one’s who say yes…I LOVE! I work hardest for them because I know they get it and I know because they get, they’ll bring their best to the job or audition.
Cooper in Countess Mara

KS: Favorite style blogger to cuddle (this is a trick question)

RC: hahaha! Here’s a hint, she’s slender, sexy, and soon to be my wife.

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