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“Belle” – A Must See Film!

By KristySamone — May 23, 2014

 Happy Friday Fashion Femme Fatales and Gents! I’ve missed you! How has your week been? Do tell! Last week while getting my “hair did” at the DryBar in Georgetown, DC, I told my stylist and dear friend Jenny Jones that I could not wait to see the movie, “Belle.”  Highly acclaimed and out on limited release,  I was determined to see the film. Jenny shared my enthusiasm, so we made an immediate date of it. We saw the movie at the Angelika Film Center, a most beautiful movie theater complete with a bakery that could win any foodie’s heart. Jenny was accompanied by her lovely mom who badly wanted to see “Belle,” as well. If you haven’t heard of the movie, it is a must see! “Belle,”  directed by Amma Asante and starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, is based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle. Now Dido (1761–1804), was the mixed race daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay and a slave mother he’d reportedly met on a ship. Belle was raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield and his wife who didn’t have any kids. Simultaneously they also raised her cousin Elizabeth who was about her age. Despite her race, Belle’s lineage afforded her elite privileges and she was taught to be a “gentlewoman,” however,  in many social situations her “skin” could not be overlooked.  For instance, while Elizabeth was presented at parties to suitors for marriage, Belle was left on the side uninvited. The kicker is Belle does find love and a new passion – abolitionism. Honey, there’s nothing like a good story.  Equally impressive were the breathtaking gowns and tailored suiting created by Anushia Nieradzik , the London-based award winning costume designer, who worked on this film. For the viewing I decided a dainty frock with an hard edged jacket to be the most appropriate. I coveted Jenny’s and her mom’s outfit – ha! So cute!

Belle Movie Outing with Kristy SamoneBelle Movie Outing with the Jones Girls

Gugu Mbatha Raw and director Amma-Asante photo from

Below is a portrait of Dido and her cousin Elizabeth (1760-1825) painted circa 1778. The original hangs in Scone Palace, Perthshire, Scotland. I love how they are drawn as equals with Elizabeth assuming a formal position and Dido striking a vivacious pose. Hand claps to Dido’s uncle and the artist for capturing this as it was a quite unusual depiction during this time period! I found the life of Dido and her family beyond interesting.

Dido Elizabeth Belle

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(2) Readers Comments

  1. May 23, 2014 at 11:40 am

    I am so looking forward to seeing this!! I'm glad you enjoyed and lived up to its hype. xo

    • KristySamone
      Reply →
      May 23, 2014 at 1:50 pm

      Hello love! Yasss, girl you gotta see this movie. I found it to be inspirational on many levels:)

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