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Baby Love! Welcome to the World Jack!

By KristySamone — June 18, 2015

Happy Thursday  Loves!
I’ve been gone for a little while, but my reason is good. I had my baby – Jack Kristopher Cooper – a little over two weeks ago. Born on Tuesday, June 2nd at 8:09am weighing 7lbs 12oz 21.25 long – who knew such a tiny person would forever change my life? Ralph and I chuckle over the birth story. My sister Blair and her fiancé Marcellous stopped in DC after driving from a wedding in North Carolina. They were heading to  BWI airport, but decided to pick us up for a quick lunch at Blair’s favorite Mexican spot – Lauriol Plaza. I suspected my water broke a tad, but wasn’t sure. I waddled into the restaurant hearing the waitstaff say (jokingly?), “OH, she’s having that baby TODAY.” Not before I had my quesadillas!!!

My mom and sister Jehan text me that I needed to call the doctor pronto. Ralph contacted the office mid-bite only to hear, “Get admitted right now!” So, we put down the forks and began a mad dash home to grab our stuff. Ralph dropped me off at the birthing center and Sparta at the kennel. After some tests the nurse smiled, “It’s a false alarm. Lots of first time moms go through this.” We exhaled… and laughed a bit. It wasn’t until a few hours later when my water REALLY broke. I was enjoying a frozen strawberry treat when the biological geyser hit! Back to the hospital we went not to return home for the rest of the week.

It was 10:30pm and I was further along the process than anyone had suspected. Jehan rushed to be by our side. It was time to buckle up for a quite a night. I was so glad to see my ob gyn, Dr. Udoh, the coolest cat around. It helps when the doc is relaxed when you are experiencing unexplainable pain – ha! Ten hours and several pushes later I heard Jack’s cry! He was immediately placed on my chest. They call it “skin to skin.” We bonded immediately. The next few days the nurses and lactation specialists were teaching me how to breastfeed. I’d taken classes but there’s a big difference between that an actual application. Some friends stopped by the hospital to check on us. There’s nothing better than the feeling of support. I’m forever grateful. I was off of social media consumed with this new little person. Thank goodness my sister and Ralph were busy informing the world of his arrival.
Kristy and Blair

The fam
Kristy and Jack meet each other
Baby Jack Day One
Ralph the swaddle master
Jehan holds Jack
Baby Jack and Helen

Baby Jack and Diamond

Baby Jack with Stacey


Baby Jack and Abi

Baby Jack and Grandma

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