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Ankar Sweden – How A Man Should Dress

By KristySamone — October 09, 2012

I feel that I’ve met a living, breathing, real-life example of the Don Equis commercial, “The Most Interesting Man in The World.” That man is Niklas Ankar of  Ankar Sweden. In continuing my week of focusing on menswear fashion, today is devoted to his newest collection, “Spectrum de Luz.” I was priviledged to attend his breakfast presentation at P.J. Clarke’s restaurant beside the Empire Hotel (across the street from the Lincoln Center). When I looked over the models standing in the windows I thought to myself, “This is how a man should dress.”  During my interview with Niklas he explained, “Well, the inspiration comes from different trips I’ve made – movies I’ve seen.” He was inspired by 1950’s Hollywood resort life, so his models were sporting Pima cotton trousers, linen jackets, Irish shirt fabrics, and classic oxfords. Think  Havana, Capri, St. Tropez, the West Indies, the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard all rolled into the “Ankar” modern fit. Ankar mused while designing this line he imagined a guy holding a big champagne glass on his way to a party. Another source of “Eurkea!” came from a recent vacation when Ankar observed how the pool boys were sharply dressed all in white.  Hence, his spring collection had lots of white, but also greens,  pinks,  yellows and navy blue – which  was important to the palette. Ankar was specific, “Navy is very clean – it’s crisp.”  He went on to explain the intricacies and international travel involved with selecting and buying of the material used- all fascinating. “Everything you see (pointing to the models) could be my private wardrobe.” Ah yes, “The Most Interesting Man In The World”…indeed! Follow @AnkarSweden or visit

 Photo Credit: Alex Geana



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