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A Soldier’s Style

By KristySamone — July 18, 2012

A Soldier with great style is a bio straight outta an action movie – lol! Meet Sergeant First Class E.L. Craig – he’s the television bureau chief for the American Forces Network (AFN) in Kabul, Afghanistan. In layman’s terms this means he supervises military broadcasters (journalists) profiling U.S. servicemembers and their missions in Kabul and around Afghanistan. E.L.’s a busy dude in uniform, but GQ men always make time to discuss fine wares.

KS: How would you describe your style?

EL: Well, first of all, KJ, thank you so much for this opportunity. I would say my current style is “business chic” or “Happy Hour” meets “trendy nerd.” The look is made up of items that would be completely appropriate for a corporate work place, yet still fully stylish and ready for happy hour after work or a full night on the town.

KS: Who are your favorite designers – favorite looks?

EL: My favorite designers consist of a wide range that goes from name brands like Men’s Express and Kenneth Cole all the way up to the fashion trinity: Gucci (3), Louis Vuitton(2) and my personal favorite designer Roberto Cavalli. Although I like a lot of his [Cavalli] clothes, he is my favorite because I like his, not to use a dated word, swag…but I’m not limited, if something grabs my attention or as I say “calls to me” in a store, whether it’s on a rack or a mannequin, I’ll get it. Sometimes it may not be the best looking item to others in the store. I’ve experienced, however, their opinion’s changing after I wear it. I love the button-down look; I’m actually most comfortable in it. Anytime I can wear a tie, is a good day.

KS: What types of clothing do you like to buy when overseas?

EL: Sweater shirts and t-shirts, it’s something about sweater shirts when I’m in Europe and Asia; they just come with hot-ass designs (he spoke about one of his fav tees purchased during Seoul fashion week).

Ps: Notice the pic of E.L. and his lovely wife Katrina celebrating before he left for Afghanistan.

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