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Styling A Shoot…and Saying Goodbye…For a Few Days

By KristySamone — July 26, 2013

Fashion Femme Fatales, I hope your Friday is coming along swimmingly! Starting tomorrow will be offline. It’s getting  a facelift – of sorts! Over the past few months, I’ve been meditating on a different direction for as my life is heading on a new path. You know I have a passion for fashion, but also I love events…and event planning.  I look forward to posting even more on men’s fashion, as well! Some of the most fun I’ve had at fashion events were tailored to the guys. In fact, I have a very special men’s giveaway contest for the month of August! I’m so excited to be working with Countess Mara (the ties Frank Sinatra proudly wore)! I appreciate all of you who have hung in with me during my adventures and misadventures. I’m goaling to have up next week, so please stay tuned! But before I go, I’d like to share with you iphone pics of fun I had some days go. Recently, I styled a PSA (public service annoucement) shoot where the set and talent were made to look like a game show! We had a blast! The game show “assistants” were called Wayne and Wanda. I was responsible for stying a collegiate scene (check out “Wayne’s” Brooks Brothers Knit Varsity Cardigan), a funny bed scene (both actors are wearing nightshirts and caps from the Vermont Country Store),  a GI Bill Mom & kid scene ( I found the Big Smith bib overalls on and the adorable Baba Blue dress on and rented what show assistants (like on The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune) would wear – a stunning gown & tuxedo (Rent the Runway and Men’s Warehouse). Consequently, the Baba Blue dress was so adorable, I had to try it on myself! I wish I tried the adorable beds – we got them from Ikea. Ha! Anyways, thanks again for all of your support and I look forward to blogging next week…as a new chapter unfolds!




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I'm a media strategist, fashion fan and whimsical event planner. For years, I've been "reporting" from fashion shows and fabulous events to my loved one out of pure joy. Unbeknowest to me in February 2012 my sister started with photos and letters I'd sent her from New York Fashion Week. She said, "I think you need a blog!" LOL! I've been trying keep us with this and life ever since:) Thanks so much for reading!

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